Friday, May 1, 2009

Purple Cat Fin

There is a lot of fiberglass fins on the market and very few I dig. I needed a fin for the 10'9" step deck/pin tail that I shaped. I wanted something with rake since my last 2 boards have had pivot style D fins. I wanted something similar to the Da Cat fin on the board that Greg Noll made for Dora or the fin that Dano makes for the Los Creeper. I also wanted to make it purple because whens the last time you've seen a purple fin? I cut out 35 sheets of 6 oz. cloth and mixed up some laminating resin with magenta tint. I laid up 15 sheets before I decided that I wanted a white center. So I laid up 5 sheets with white resin before going back purple. All in all there is 35 sheets of 6 oz. cloth. Some sanding and foiling and I'm stoked, a burly 11" tall fin for the mega sled!! Now...what to paint on it?!