Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taco Tuesday

A few weeks back I was hanging with Julio, Billy and Joe and Julio was telling me about the new beach cruiser he built up for almost nothing. He said he had put a smaller gear on it, and I immediately thought...WHEELIE?! A few beers later and I couldn't resist, after a handful of successful wheelies, I decided to try a 180, I used to pull them on my cruiser back in the day, but Julio forgot to tell me that he hadn't tightened the spokes on the rear wheel...I rotated all the way around, but as soon as I landed the whole wheel Taco-ed big time!! I made sure I gave him some cash for a new wheel, but I think I'm pretty much banned from riding any of his bikes now!! Image stolen from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


  1. way to bust a cap in that bikes ass... and then try to put some of the blame back on julio.

  2. In the back of my head I know it probably woulda taco-ed even if the spokes were all snugged up like you on a 7-11 blueberry slurpee!