Sunday, January 3, 2010

JJ's Photos & Thoughts...

You should check out JJ Wessel's "Sea For Yourself" website, he has some cool things going on there. These are some photos from there and they remind me of my 1963 Chevy Truck. The volkswagen bug photos are of Don Hall, who makes my wetsuits. He's a rad dude and makes a solid wetty. You can get ahold of him at 562-421-9905. The photo of the old roadster is of Brian Bent and the guy is amazing on any surfing object, especially kookboxes! These photos made me realize that although its nice to have a vehicle that fires up every time and hauls ass to the beach, I really miss cruising to the beach in my old truck. Some time in 2010 I'm gonna get myself another old vehicle to cruise around in because my garage needs a project!!

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