Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Traveling Sled

I saw a pic of a board that Terry Martin had shaped for a dude named Steve Banks on Mr. Blacks blog, "Surf a Pig" and I fell in love. I needed to shape a board that I could put a fin box in and take on some travels I have coming up this year. I've always been a fan of pigs, there is something hot rod looking about a board that has its width towards the tail and especially when the tail is wider than the nose!! I had some requirements for this board...I wanted to keep it under 10' so it'd be easier to travel with and try to keep it well rounded for different conditions. I wanted the board to be super wide and hippy from 42" back towards the tail and have a slightly pulled in nose. I'm stoked on the out come and I'd like to bring a few different fin options with me, anyone have any ideas? And how is it that I'm an electrician, yet I have such a janky lighting set up!! haha


  1. that's a purdy looking surfboard i can't wait to try it ...it looks hippy and fun, likt it would swing like amarried middle-aged redhead who's husband just can't satisfye