Monday, February 8, 2010

Los Desperados Art Banditos

I feel honored to be involved with some rad folks in a vision by Tom Vadakan, Los Desperados Art Banditos will be an ever growing group of artists, all with different styles, yet all after that outlaw style and all joined by a hand shake. Saturday I was introduced to fellow Desperados, Tom Laura aka "Big Toe" as well as Megan "Candy" McMahon. We hung out in my garage to talk about Tom Vadakan's vision as well as to share some new pieces and to take some photos for the upcoming website. Ray Barbee shot the photos below and it wasn't long until I had Ray and Tom V inside the house and the guitars were cranked up with the 3 of us trading off. A friend of Tom V's is working on a video for the website as well. I'm really looking forward to the March 6th show @ Shelter. Thanks for checking this out!

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