Thursday, June 3, 2010


Don's shop is down the street from my folks and when I was first surfing this old Santa Claus lookin dude named Ed told me I should have Don make my suits. I blew him off cause I thought all Don made was dive suits, so what the hell would Don know about making surfing wetsuits?! I did let Ed tell me some rad stories about the Bonneville Salt Flats back in the 60's. A few years later and Don makes all my suits, he's a rad dude with a killer yellow lab named Francis that hangs with him at his shop. Don't let the name Francis fool you, that dog is a crazy f*cker!! It's also bitchin' to surf with Don, hes a big guy like me and shreds a 10'6" Foam and Glass log thats beat to shit!! Don's old skool, so he doesn't advertise, no stickers on dumpsters, no website, no blog, just a small shop in Long Beach and a phone number, 562-421-9905.

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