Wednesday, July 28, 2010


After stopping by the Aces Car Show in Santa Ana last saturday (pictures soon) I stopped in to see my friend Jim. He's always up to something radical. He is really close to getting his '77 Yamaha TT 500 on the street and if I can't get a bike together for next years Hell On Wheels Rally, I'll ride that killer machine!! He has most the parts together for a bitchin' 70's Denver Chopper that he is restoring and he plans on keeping the original paint!! We took the wind/splash guard off of his GN Boat so I could put some paint on it. I'll post pictures of that when its done. He also has the radest posters in his shop. My favorite flatbottom picture ever, "Ups and Downs" referring to the cavitation plates and the pedals that work them up and down or well, you get it!! Flatbottoms Rule!! If you ever need any sheet metal work done, look up "Competitive Sheet Metal" in Santa Ana.

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