Saturday, October 2, 2010


While having Sato Hughes hem up some trunks for me I caught a glimpse of all these photos of guys skiin' and barefootin' and it reminded me of being a rug rat and hangin' out in outboard boats at 6am in the warm water channel while my Pops and all his buddies took turns barefootin' off the boom and the 100' long line. Or waiting for the water to get glassy just after sundown at the River in Blythe, they would point their headlights towards the water and barefoot all night while all their ol' ladies were bitchin' at them that they needed to bbq some god damn dinner!! I'd eventually learn how to "foot" as I got older and still do but I'll always remember how cool all of their custom Katin trunks were. None of them surfed, just one of them did some kneeboarding on some home made spoons, but they always had rad two tone Katins. As a kid I never even associated Katin's with surfing, I didn't really care for the beach, would have much rather of been out in the desert pinned wide open on my KX 60!! Damn, where does the time go?

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