Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Got an email from my buddy Cheyne, looks like he's trying to get rid of his '29 RPU...pull out yer wallets folks!!

-All steel Ford body with a few patch panels. *They were in there when I got it so I left them.*Doors open close nice but it has some rust on the inner door down low.*Sitting on Model A frame that has pitting but adds to the look without compromising strength. Bed is straight but not perfect but looks great as is. Somebody welded in a steel floor in replace of the wood floor so I left it. Fuel tank is still in the cowl with no leaks and the gauge works. Electric fuel pump.
-New body wood.*
-Original '32 Ford shell and insert. Cut down on the side to fit '29. Insert could use a few grill bars but it lends to the character of the roadster.*
- Windshield is chopped 3" and laid back 3" with new glass.*
-Model A four cylinder motor. Bored .125 over (214 c.i), hi-compression head (6:1) 4 into 2 header, dual 2" straight pipes, mild cam, adjustable valves, leakless water pump, downdraft intake and a single Holley 94 carb with '32 Ford model B spoon pedal.*
-'39 Merc (99A) transmission with Cling's kit for the A motor.*
-new V8 clutch with lightened Model A flywheel (42lbs)
-12 volts with new alternator, ignition system
-cloth wiring thru out with 6 fuse panel hidden away. Has horn, turn signals and everything works as it should.*
-'39/'40 brakes with all new wheel cylinders, shoes, hoses and hard lines. I used virgin '39 drums that I had freshly cut.
-16" '37-39 Ford wheels with '39 Merc hubcaps and custom trim rings.*
- brand new black wall Firestones 7.50/16 rear & 6.00/16 up front with new tubes all around. *
-custom battery box/master cylinder set up with brand new Odyssey battery.*
-fresh Model A rear end with 3.77 gears.*
-34 Chevy headlights, '39 Chev front markers for signal lamps and '32 Ford rear tail lights.
-Model A steering box & shorter pitman arm with custom column tube and '40 Ford steering wheel
-new leather seat
-come with custom top frame that folds but I didn't have a top made for it.*

recently put a new Walker Radiator in it, yet to make mounts for the 32 grill shell.
- also had a custom button on canvas tan cover made for the bed. fits nice and snug and is very usefull
love the car drive it around once twice a week, but looking to get a old van to camp and haul my surfboards around with. something a lil more practical for my lifestyle.

would like to keep the sale local, but have sold cars out of state and delt with hauling companys. something that the buyer would have to completly take care of.

my name is cheyne not hard up to sell it just weighing my options. 714 606 9476 my email: tresles126@yahoo.com

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