Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It's a real shame when 12 days before your first vintage motocross race that you've been dreaming about for a year ends like this. So after doing some research it turns out that a 4th bore piston for a '73-74 MX360 is extremely rare altough I managed to track one down from a guy back east who has them custom made by Wiesco. I'm picking up the cylinder from the machine shop tomorrow and slamming this thing back together just in time for Meatball's Hell On Wheels Rally this Saturday! Cutting it close? Not at all!


  1. Nice meeting you guys today and congratulations to you and your family for taking home most of the trophys!

  2. Thanks, it was nice meeting you guys as well and it was a great pay off after all of us trying so hard all week to get our bikes running decent!!

  3. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-EBz5qIVOP-A/TfUvOW47bqI/AAAAAAAAJAY/MWi10oZrN_4/s1600/hellonwheels_cm.jpg