Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I think anyone who raced saturday is still stoked, what a bitchin' day! My Pops, My buddy Aaron and I all took first in our classes!! Meatball sure puts on a bitchin' show, just wish he had them more than once a year!! Check out the guy looking at my Pops #27 pass him in the corner! Aaron Fitz #86 got second in the first moto with a broken foot peg! After he had it welded back on and won the second moto!! Scotty Stopnik #55 was hauling ass on his '55 Triumph and with his kickstand flapping in the breeze he was sailing that thing...huge air time!! Scotty came out in the second modern mini moto on a newer XR 100 against my early 1982 XR 80 and we banged bars for 4 laps until my front tire got hung up in his rear well and I took a digger!! I'm already planning my revenge for next year Scotty!!

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